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A Message from Rabbi Gartenberg – 01/30/2020

The Weekly Message from Rabbi Dov Gartenberg

Dear Friends at CBI and the Community,

IMAGE: Tu B'Shvat Haggadah

On Monday evening February 10th, we will be marking the Jewish festival of Tu B’Shvat with a Tu B’Shvat Seder at CBI. The night before we will celebrate 100 years of our congregation in Albuquerque. Tu B’Shvat marks a much more ancient connection: first, to the land of Israel and second, to our dependence on the natural world, in particular, to trees.

Take a moment to read a good article on the origins of Tu B’Shvat in Jewish tradition from My Jewish Learning.  For our CBI Tu B’Shvat Seder we will be using Tu B’Shvat Haggadah of the Jewish environmental organization, Hazon (pictured above). In the introduction of the Haggadah, the editors write, “It’s one thing to acknowledge and celebrate the fruit which comes from trees, and it is a whole other level to consider the trees’ current state in a world of deforestation and climate disaster. This Haggadah does both. It encourages the reader to not only think about trees and the fruit they bear, but also the role trees play in protecting and healing our planet, and the actions we can take to make it so. It helps us to find ways of mitigating our individual and collective contributions to climate change while also showing us how the Jewish tradition compels us to respond.”

At this stage in my rabbinate, I believe that climate change and humanity’s response to it is the most pressing issue of our age. To ignore or remain indifferent its danger in my mind amounts to a transgression and to an act of irresponsibility.  Tu B’Shvat enables to refocus on this issue and to recenter it in our lives through positive action. Like the Passover Seder, this seder explores central themes of our lives and help us to express our deepest values. This seder helps us to focus on our dependence on nature and the requirement for us to be good stewards through song, food, drink, and beautiful rituals.  I hope you will take two hours out of your busy lives to join us to celebrate Tu B’Shvat at CBI and with the rest of the Jewish world that is responding to the greatest challenge of our generation.

CBI Tu B’Shvat Seder
When? Monday, 2/10/20, 6-8pm
Where? CBI Adler Lounge
How Much? $12 for dinner (adult), $6 for children over 8. Pay at the door.
How to Sign Up? 1 of 3 Ways:

  1. Phone the office: 505 266-0155
    2. Email [email protected]
    3. Online Signup, Click on Tu B’Shvat to sign up and pay for dinner online with a credit card.

When is the Deadline for signup? Friday, 2/7 at 12pm.

IMAGE: Tu B'Shevat Seder Plate

Figure 1: Tu B’Shvat Seder Plate


Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Dov Gartenberg

[email protected]


IMAGE: Daf Yomi Breakfast Club - 2/4

Daf Yomi Participants of ABQ Breakfast with the Rabbis
Biggest book club in the world!  Thousands of people around the world, including some Nahalat Shalom members, some B’nai Israel members and others in Albuquerque are involved in learning Daf Yomi, the effort to study one page of Talmud every day. Some people skim the pages in English, others spend hours trying to decode the Aramaic—-most people are in between!  There are wonderful stories, jokes, obscure references and powerful ethical lessons in these pages.  There’s interest in getting together once a month to talk about this—- so anyone interested can gather at with Rabbi Min and Rabbi Dov on

Feb 4th,  7-8am (before work) at Meeting Room in the SunnySide Up; 6909 Menaul NE in the Uptown neighborhood.

The meeting room is reserved in Rabbi Min’s name. Tell your friends—- open to all.  For questions, contact Rabbi Dov at [email protected] or 505 266-0155 Ext. 102

Rabbi Min, Nahalat Shalom, Rabbi Dov, B’nai Israel

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  • Illuminated Conversations with Rabbi Dov on Sunday, 2/2 at 4:30pm  Interfaith and Intercultural Relationships and Conservative Judaism. Click on Interfaith more info.
  • Congregational Tu Bishvat Seder. Mon. 2/10, 6pm. Click on Tu Bishvat

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