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Dear friends of CBI,

Albuquerque Summer of Hebrew,

Hebrew is the language of the Jewish people. No, it is not Yiddish. No, it is not Ladino.

Hebrew is the language of the Jewish people. No, it is not only for religious Jews. No, it is not only for Israelis. No, it is not only for Bnai Mitzvah kids.

Hebrew is the language of the Jewish people. No, it is not sufficient to be able to read it phonetically.  No, it is not sufficient to know only prayer book Hebrew.

Hebrew is the language of the Jewish people. Judaism cannot be fully appreciated in translation. The Tanakh, the Jewish Bible, cannot be fully understood in any other language except Hebrew, the original language of our sacred text.

Hebrew is the language of the Jewish people. To fully understand our history, our culture, our religion, our great philosophers and Rabbis, our literature, Hebrew is the portal to it all.

I did not become a Rabbi until I was fluent in the Hebrew language.  I did not think I would be a legitimate Rabbi unless I acquired full command of the Hebrew language. I still believe that to be true.

When people ask me about studying Judaism, I tell them to invest 200 hours in learning Hebrew. Learn sufficient Hebrew to read a section of the Bible, or a book by Amos Oz, or a book of poems by Yehudah Amichai, or the Siddur, (prayer book). You will fall in love with the Hebrew language like I did.

If these observations  above move you in any way, consider signing up to take a Hebrew tutorial with our partner Online Jewish Learning this summer. It does not matter what level you are at; you will be able to study Hebrew in a way that will enable you to achieve  greater mastery.

Why I chose to partner with Online Jewish Learning:

  1. OJL makes it possible to offer Hebrew at all levels.
  2. Tutorials are small and personalized.
  3. OJL only uses outstanding teachers/tutors and the best resources available.
  4. Enjoy the feeling of growing mastery in Hebrew.

If I have intrigued you or inspired you, try out OJL’s  free Hebrew assessment. If you decide to participate in the Summer of Hebrew, contact OJL through this LINK before Tuesday, July 7th. Let OJL know that you want to study Hebrew in the CBI or Albuquerque Summer of Hebrew.  I will offer a $100 contribution toward the $400 tuition to encourage you to study Hebrew in this program. After you have signed up to study, let me know and I will send you a check to support your learning.

שלום וברכה,

Rabbi Dov Gartenberg

Bnai Israel

Bnai Israel